We teach our clients how to fundamentally navigate the Internet and utilize the computer as it pertains to workforce development.

Forward Thinking

We empower our clients to be able to think for themselves in their personal and vocational ventures.

Problem Solvers

Our professional staff is dedicated to finding the solution to all our client’s needs through ongoing case management and thorough research of an ideal employer.

Customer Support

Our team is here to support the inidivualized growth of each client through ongoing follow-ups, site visits. phone calls and more.

About Consumer’s 1st Choice, Inc.

Consumer’s 1st Choice, Inc. (C1C) was founded in 2015 on  the principle of  being an advocate for those who can not advocate for them themselves. C1C’s staff as a whole has well-over 30 years of knowledge and experience educating and working with individuals who have various types of disabilities. C1C’s staff have extensive educational backgrounds in the areas of Special Education and Vocational Education. Moreover, the Chief Executive Officer of the organization is a Disabled Service Connected Combat Veteran who served in Operation Desert Storm.

The company’s remaining staff members have extensive educational backgrounds in the areas of Special Education and Vocational Education. Additionally, several staff members hold licensures and certifications as teachers, principals, counselors, psychologists, diagnosticians, and superintendents of public schools systems.

Consumer’s 1st Choice, Inc. values its employees, they know first-hand about working with individuals classified as having disabilities. C1C also has experience working with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, Foster Care, Veterans Affairs, Workforce Solutions of Greater Dallas, City of Dallas, City of Fort Worth, and other entities.

Who Do We Service

Job Seekers with Diabilities

Job Seekers with Diabilities

We offer vocational case management and employer placement services to individuals with disabilities who are ready to enter into the workforce.

Military Personnel

Military Personnel

We assist our disabled Veterans with a smooth transition into a civilian career.

Individuals With Disabilities

Individuals With Disabilities

We focus on becoming the advocate for those who may not be able to  advocate for themselves.